Saturday, 9 February 2019

The Forest's Growing Quickly ...

I now have more than enough trees to use in Plattzdorf (at least, once the glue on these latest ones below dries).  I've already done some in longer strips one tree wide.  Not all the stones will be there when they're finished - I pour lots on where I've put glue, then shake off anything not sticking once the glue has dried.  

The figures are just to give an idea of size.  I don't want trees to proper scale, as they would end up about 12 inches high which would be inconvenient when moving figures around the table.  As long as there's an impression of forest, that'll do me.

Rules ...

Originally intending to write my own rules (everybody did that when I started wargaming) I soon realised it would take too long.  Mind you, there's been occasional workable rules comprising just both sides of an A4 sheet.  Der Alte Fritz has such a set.

I've decided to use the "Honours of War" rules - although the "lite" version called "Post of Honour".  These may be seen on the HOW website, together with a download of Malburian amendments I'll be incorporating.

The HOW website has a forum covering use of the rules and various aspects of 18th century warfare.

So - another couple of steps nearer to returning to battle...


  1. Thanks for the tip about the HOW website, I will look at that.

  2. Pierre - it’s well worth a look. I find it interesting and informative. Alex

  3. Treemendous terrain Alik.... ;-)

    All the best. Aly

  4. Aly - yes they seem to have come out a treeet... Alex

  5. Great job on those woods. Congratulations, BTW, finding the Rules seems to be half the job to getting these projects up and running.

    1. David - thanks about the woods - there'll be a bit of a problem when it comes to moving figures through them as I can't move individual trees to allow an exact move distances. However, as I'll be playing solo, I can fudge things a little bit.

      The rules are just what I want at the moment - the danger being as I add in my own "house rules" there can be unintended consequences affecting the original rules which throw out the balance. But - again - playing solo means I can adjust things as I come across problems.

      Unfortunately, things have stalled temporarily. I have everything ready - except a table! Furniture and 50+ years of old and new wargame boxes of all sizes have to be moved around to make space and I need to find space elsewhere in the house to do this! One determined concerted effort is all that's required... Thanks, Alex

  6. Ah Space. The wargamers constant opponent! :)